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Individual Financial Planning Services

Financial advice seems to come from everywhere these days. We have social media, self help books, and blogs claiming you can “do-it-yourself” for just about anything! All of this information can seem overwhelming and be a source of anxiety and uncertainty. How do you know if you’re on the right track to achieve your goals? What if you aren’t doing “all of the right things” for your future? You don’t have to live with that burden on your shoulders. You can plan for your future with certainty and confidence. Our financial planning experts can provide you with the support you need through all of life’s changes and transitions.

Favia Group Individual Financial Planning Services

Comprehensive Financial Planning. Are your finances on track to help you reach your goals? Comprehensive financial planning goes far beyond simply saving for retirement. Your unique goals and aspirations are the cornerstone as we build a strategic, customized plan.

Wealth Management Services. From creating opportunity with your income strategies to managing your investments, our professionals serve as your consultant to strategically align your wealth objectives.

Due Diligence. Allow us to do the hard work of analyzing your investment performance, examining market conditions, and making specific recommendations to help minimize your risk and maximize your opportunity.

Regular Client Review. Life is full of transitions. You can maintain confidence knowing our experts are monitoring your accounts. As life dictates, we’ll be responsive to make changes and adjustments to help position you for success.

Service and Communication. Above all else, our advisors are here to offer you support when you need it. We are just a phone call or email away for any question you have. In addition, we partner with CPA’s and attorneys to bring you fully comprehensive service for anything you need.

SmartBox.  Utilize our aggregation tool, SmartBox™, to see all of your accounts in one place. SmartBox™ provides state -of- the- art technology to allow us to keep track of all your assets and liabilities so you have a clear financial picture of your situation. From where you are invested to monthly spending, to risk management and retirement projections, Favia Group stays abreast of your financial picture.  

Get started with a customized personal financial plan to take ownership of your future.